Client focus

Client is a leading North American provider of logistics technology and transportation management services for manufacturers, retailers, chemical and consumer packaged goods companies.


  • The client had been experiencing steady growth over the last 5 years. However a key concern going forward was, how to grab new market opportunities fast enough and press the accelerator on future growth.
  • Manual processes across rate lookups, route optimization, audit logs, order management and several other areas served as biggest roadblocks in its pursuit for process excellence and future expansion plans.
  • The client’s management team has realized that technology intervention was needed to automate some of these repetitive mundane tasks across the above areas to increase customer satisfaction.


  • Cognine has started RPA implementation with 2 bots across order management, freight forwarding and rate look ups. The bulky, repetitive, rule based processes across these areas served to be an ideal candidates for automation.
  • Ui Path tool was chosen for its resilience and ability to perform in various environments and proven NLP capabilities.
  • The bots were responsible for handling the process of order creation (orders received by email –> involves NLP based text extraction) in the ERP system, getting rates from various freight forwarding companies and inserting in to the portal, and getting the latest status of the client’s customer shipments all with out manual intervention.

Key Benefits

  • The RPA platform has increased the accuracy levels and cut the time needed to perform certain tasks by up to 90%.
  • The resources that were performing these manual tasks earlier are able to focus on other value adds to customers.