We bring the best to build out your DevOps environment regardless of platform

What are your needs?
  • Reduce the number of handoffs between infrastructure, operations, development, security teams
  • Enable self-service access to the infrastructure and app building blocks
  • Reduce the time to production drastically. Enhance resource utilization and reduce operation costs
  • Our clients work with Cognine to do exactly that. We enable you to streamline modern application delivery, embrace DevOps to help automate processes, and establish an organization wide culture that will enable your teams to build, test, and deploy software more rapidly, more reliably, and more often

Our Offerings Include

DevOps Consulting

Cognine partners with enterprises to help them build a roadmap definition for DevOps and Agile transformation. We bring in DevOps & Agile services that are backed by deep knowledge of change management, distributed agile, and scaling frameworks coupled with agile tooling and training techniques.

DevOps Implementation Services

Cognine partners with your team to plan, create and deliver a fully automated release management and application delivery solution. From continuous iteration to automatic pipeline management and a secure operational solution, we will work with you to perfect the process.

App Containerization Services

Containerization has measurable benefits for creating and deploying applications swiftly and securely. We work with you to configure and orchestrate the containerization of applications through technologies like Docker, and Kubernetes for lightweight, flexible, agile development, monitoring, and maintenance.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

We bring deep expertise across the multi-cloud environments to help our clients manage configuration, provisioning, scaling and deprovisioning of the environments. We help you gain visibility into your single cloud, or multi-cloud environment for effective management, resilient infrastructure, efficient resource management, security, performance, and real-time analytics.

Who is this for?

Why Cognine?

Our DevOps practice delivers highly optimized CI/CD pipelines, reliable deployments, faster time to market, and a consistent delivery experience.

Engineering excellence:
Our DevOps services bring uniformity across your entire application portfolio and ensure service delivery at high velocity with cost savings through accelerated software deployment.

Delivery Model:
Flexible DevOps delivery model to suit your needs – on-shore, off-shore or hybrid.

Fast track your project with our proven suite of accelerators, ready to deploy or customize to your unique needs.

Our teams are capable of delivering on the tightest timelines, while remaining flexible to keep up with evolving requirements.

Consistent superior quality output guided by lean principles, adherence to industry best practices in Agile DevOps with our culture of collaboration