From open source to commercial packages, our expertise spans all the leading integration tools and technologies including but not limited to MuleSoft, Dell Boomi, Apache Camel, Apigee, Talend

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What are your needs?

  • Are you looking to operate more efficiently by eliminating data silos? Or, break the data barriers and seamlessly connect applications, data, and devices regardless of the host?
  • Embarking on a digital integration strategy to exploit changes in the market through technology and business integration
  • Cognine enables your ability to provide a consistent and holistic customer experience that can face ongoing market disruptions head-on
  • With an effective integration strategy and re-usable API’s, we balance your traditional back-end IT and the digital front

Our API and System Integration offerings

Integration Strategy

We design an integration strategy and ensure they remain relevant and adaptive while effectively enabling change in a controlled manner. We manage the integration capability systematically; build a re-usable API strategy to help you manage roadmap definition for – Systems Integration, API Integration, Data Integration and Service Oriented Architecture.

Capability Establishment

Cognine leverages its established frameworks and toolkits to help you with the adoption of modern-day integration services and bring in a fundamental shift across the people, process and technology. We work alongside your teams to bring in the capability, and continuously evolve ensuring value is realized early.

API Design and Implementation

Whether it is traditional and service-based integration implementation, workbench automation or integration consolidation or opensource integration, we adopt ‘Design Right’ approach. Cognine works with you to assist with design, development, testing and deployment of these new functionalities.

Integration Modernization

We work with you to modernize and streamline the provisioning of integration service, to improve availability, resiliency, and maintainability of integration capabilities.

Who is this for?

  • Enterprises with complex integration architecture and diverse technology portfolio

  • Independent software vendors that work on different technology platforms and underlying models

  • Applications teams struggling with performance and scalability issues

  • Legacy integration suites that are difficult to maintain

  • Enterprises looking to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives by connecting legacy back and digital front

  • Enterprises that want to embrace latest integration practices but don’t have right skillset and capabilities in-house

Why Cognine?

Next generation integrations for secure cloud and data connectivity.

Comprehensive solutions:
We bring in expertise across the integration landscape to help identify, adopt and fully manage your API platform. From opensource to commercial, ISVs to enterprises, legacy to cloud native, we understand our customers specific needs.

Reusable API:
Re-usable API strategy to help you save time, effort, money and a lean infrastructure that is designed to keep up with interoperability and digital needs.

API Specification:
Choose the right connectivity for your integration use case and support for a variety of API specifications including Open API, GraphQL, AsyncAPI and gRPC.

We have deep expertise in integration platform deployment, no matter where they are located: on-premises, a wide variety of public and private clouds, serverless, containers, and even edge devices.

Open and Extensible Platform:
Build open platforms that enable you to use the DevOps and CI/CD tooling of your choice and extend your cloud native ecosystem.