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We work with you to automate repetitive business tasks and  help you achieve operational efficiencies.

We bring in the experience, the tools, and the talent needed to help you build the right solution for your business

What are your needs?
  • Are you looking to eliminate manual intervention in your operations?
  • Automate data transfers from or into ERP systems
  • Build process automation capabilities to enhance the performance of your existing application portfolio? Complement your automation capabilities with AI
  • While RPA may appear to be a quick answer for the underlying problems at a first glance, essential legacy risks and technological debt remain
  • To address these issues more effectively, Cognine uses a methodical approach, viewing RPA as one of a bigger set of technologies that augment or automate processes
  • One should make it clear if RPA is being used as a productivity tool or as a stopgap measure in a larger modernization program - this helps to manage stakeholders' expectations

Solve all your automation needs with us

Benefits Evaluation

Cognine works with you to develop an automation roadmap that essentially involves two steps - process identification & process prioritization. In order to prioritize processes, it is essential to assess the viability, complexity, cost and the effort of automating each process (or a set of interdependent processes) while working out the expected savings. We work with you to develop an automation roadmap involving following steps – Process Discovery Workshops, Process Identification, Solution Approach, Infrastructure feasibility and ROI analysis

Bot Development

Our team of solution architects works with you to design the bot considering modularity, single responsibility principle and re-usable components. We then develop the bot and deploy once the bots are properly tested in UAT environment

Tool Selection

Once we have identified the processes that needs to be automated and prioritized, we help you with selecting tool that fits the purpose. Cognine brings in the breadth and depth of expertise across the tooling landscape to help you choose the one that fits our needs considering the automation scenarios and licensing structure


Workflows with proven potential for RPA


Who is this for?

Why Cognine?

We bring in the domain and technology expertise to help you succeed.

Cognine brings in-depth RPA advisory and implementation capabilities and combines it with our deep domain knowledge and experience of successful RPA rollouts across Logistics, Healthcare, manufacturing and Financial Services.

We partner with the industry leaders to bring deeper level of consulting and implementation expertise to the table.

Proof of Concept:
We help you realize the benefits, evaluate the RPA implementation with a proof of concept so that you are aware of what you are getting into.

Our solutions are designed for modularity and scalability and allows you to scale up rapidly whenever it is needed.