Been there, done that

Our passionate teams help you drive innovation efforts with design led strategy coupled with years of deep expertise in architecture.

Who we are

Cognine was formed by passionate people with engineering backgrounds, intending to provide core software engineering services to clients worldwide. We have grown from a small team in Chicago & Hyderabad to a global tech organization with 200+ engineers.

The culture at Cognine embeds key values of engineering mindset, quality, and transparency into every employee. We have invested in organic growth, building on the sustainable technology strategy, design, data, and engineering capabilities required to bring in a truly integrated approach to solve our client's toughest challenges. Our collaborative, cross-functional teams deliver tangible results, fast.

At our core, we are geeky software engineers and consultants who love solving big, interesting problems.


CogninerBecome A Cogniner

Cognine is a place where you matter, and what you do matters the most! With Cognine, it is never about the project in hand. It is all about building trust and enabling your long-term success.         

You do not join our team for a job; rather, you join to develop a career that will allow you to pursue your never-ending quest for learning, work with the most exciting people and be part of a culture that empowers you to grow and thrive.

Together, we outperform the norm with our curiosity to do more, share knowledge, while being innovative.

Values in Action



Engineered Focus
Result Driven
Process Oriented



Taking Ownership
Being Innovation
Continues Learning



Win-Win Mindset
Discover Strengths



Being Transparent
Value Opinions
Caring for Others

How we Operate


We take ownership and responsibility for whatever we commit


We challenge ourselves, our ideas, our colleagues, and our clients


We carefully strike a balance between work and home and invest in our long-term success.


We work together and deal with conflicts promptly

Learning & Development

We continuously upskill, cross skill our employees


We live by a work hard, play hard philosophy

Employee Recognition

We work together and deal with conflicts promptly


We foster an environment where creativity and innovation are at the forefront of our operations.

Open Communication

We value openness and honesty, communicating with one another often and effectively