We help you make data more accessible, applicable and operatable at their fingertips

What are your needs?
  • Store data from various sources, regardless of format, in a centralized location
  • Leverage the cutting-edge big data and open-source technologies or, deploy on common infrastructure? Build a platform for self service BI and data science
  • Cognine works with you to design the data lake using an iterative approach that anchors on your business objectives and expected outcomes
  • We continuously improve and adapt by measuring the outcomes against the established objectives, while supporting new objectives and priorities

Solve all your data needs with us

Define Objectives

Storing and maintaining data has an inherent cost beyond the infrastructure. By assessing the cost against potential value to generate outcomes, Cognine helps you guide the project scope, prioritize efforts, focus on results while defining policies, capabilities, needed to get there

Ensure Data Is Business Ready

We combine people, process and technology to deliver business ready data. The data lake projects generally start with the raw data ingestion into a centralized landing zone. Cognine helps you with building a knowledge catalog that is a critical component which provides foundation for data interpretation, shared knowledge, and reuse while maintain compliance with ever changing regulations.

Data Security

We embed data security into design right from the beginning, as it is nearly impossible to clamp on later. We help you keep the data secure, maintain its integrity by securing data in transit, securing data at rest, role-based access controls and integration with security systems. We ensure that systems are designed to meet local compliance regulations like GDPR, CCPA, SOC II and HIPAA.

Cloud & Innovation

We bring in technological and methodical advances across the cloud infrastructures and make it easier to design, develop, deploy, and manage across on-premises, single, multi, and hybrid cloud environments. Cognine’s deep expertise across infrastructure virtualization, containerization, automated deployments & monitoring, separation of computer from storage helps you keep the costs low by optimizing services consumption and improves the availability.

Who is this for?

Why Cognine?

A full-service software team ready to contribute at every stage of the development life cycle.

Business Expertise:
Cognine has experience of delivering full cycle data solutions and data lake designs across various industries. We start the data lake assignment with a deep understanding of the business context and business need.

Cutting Edge:
We are obsessed with being experts in cutting tools and technologies and bring rich expertise in building complex solutions using opensource and commercial platforms.

Value Realization:
We work with you to create a value realization framework at the outset, record, and continuously monitor it against the expected outcomes while keeping the expenditure under control.

Our teams are capable of delivering on the tightest timelines, while remaining flexible to keep up with evolving requirements.

We consider security as the most important aspect of our design as it is almost impossible to bolt on later. We help you with securing highly sensitive data with fine grain control over data access and governance.