We optimize the customer experience by working with your team to craft modern digital products in a human-centered and collaborative way

From open source to commercial packages, our expertise spans all the leading integration tools and technologies including but not limited to MuleSoft, Dell Boomi, Apache Camel, Apigee, Talend

Resource Planning & Inspection

Storyboarding & Best User Stories

Get The Right Technology

What are your needs?
  • Are you looking to operate more efficiently by eliminating data silos? Or, break the data barriers and seamlessly connect applications, data, and devices regardless of the host?
  • Embarking on a digital integration strategy to exploit changes in the market through technology and business integration
  • Cognine enables your ability to provide a consistent and holistic customer experience that can face ongoing market disruptions head-on
  • With an effective integration strategy and re-usable API’s, we balance your traditional back-end IT and the digital front

Our Offerings Include

Storyboarding & User Stories

We create the finest user stories for your product and help you excel in the market. Cognine focuses on thoughtful users’ personas and creates information architecture for a streamlined navigation.

UX Research

Cognine UX Researchers bring in their experience and skills to provide thorough user insights by employing right tools and techniques. We chart the preliminaries and ensure that the data is accurate and effective.

Lean By Design

We employ methodologies that are lean and agile and customized your needs in our design process. With an emphasis on journey mapping and development of componentized designs, our teams follow a structured approach to consistent and user-friendly design.

Designed For Future

We validate our ideas, ensure effectiveness by integrating qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. This ensures we are testing often early and helps avoid surprises at a later stage.

Who is this for?

Why Cognine?

Designing the right user experience starts with deeply understanding your users and addressing their problems.

We measure success by how well we fulfill human needs. Our users are more than just the people we make for, they’re our partners in design.

We try to make sense of our learnings and turn them into insights. We think and try to interpret the insights into tangible solutions.

Coming together to reflect on our observations helps us synthesize and analyze findings, building a more nuanced understanding of our users across the team.

Our teams are capable of delivering on the tightest timelines, while remaining flexible to keep up with evolving requirements.

Outcome Oriented
Consistent superior quality output guided by lean principles, adherence to industry best practices in Agile, DevOps with our culture of collaboration.