We bring in the tools and knowledge needed to overcome the data migration challenges.
Seamless, reliable and accelerated data migration.

What are your needs?
  • Are you looking to operate more efficiently by eliminating data silos? Or, break the data barriers and seamlessly connect applications, data, and devices regardless of the host?
  • Embarking on a digital integration strategy to exploit changes in the market through technology and business integration
  • Cognine enables your ability to provide a consistent and holistic customer experience that can face ongoing market disruptions head-on
  • With an effective integration strategy and re-usable API’s, we balance your traditional back-end IT and the digital front

Solve all your data needs with us

BI Migration

We design an integration strategy and ensure they remain relevant and adaptive while effectively enabling change in a controlled manner. We manage the integration capability systematically; build a re-usable API strategy to help you manage roadmap definition for – Systems Integration, API Integration, Data Integration and Service Oriented Architecture.

Data Storage Migration

Moving from on-premises data warehouses to cloud offers several benefits including scalability, availability, cost savings and disaster recovery. With a proven approach, we reduce the data migration cycle time considerably. We migrate your business logic to LOOKML syntax by creating a semantic layer. We then migrate your reports followed by ETL assessment, migration, and validation.

System & Tool Migration

Our team works with you to migrate the tools and systems needed to achieve the data migration goals.


Our team will work with you to complete a system study, understand the limitations of the existing system, understand your future needs, and share our recommendations with a detailed roadmap.

Who is this for?

Why Cognine?

Migrate data at scale with Cognine Data Center of Excellence.

We have enabled data migrations for enterprises and Independent Software Vendors across various industries.

Cutting Edge:
We have a rich cross-skilled data and analytics team that helps you with appropriate tooling and frameworks to help you achieve the desired state.

Value Realization:
Our accelerated approach enables faster migration saving your time, cost, and effort.

Our teams can deliver on the tightest timelines while remaining flexible to keep up with evolving requirements.

We consider security as the most important aspect in our design, securing the highly sensitive data with fine grain control over data access and governance.