Client focus

Client is a healthcare service provider with a focus on bringing technology into small and midsize providers for digitizing patient visits and health records.


  • Client had a product idea (web and mobile) to manage patient visits, medications and medical records for clinics and hospitals with a unique feature of smart data entry using proprietary state machine in prescriptions.
  • Client wanted to use a single workflow for prescribing all medications
  • Needed an intuitive interface requiring minimal training
  • Client needed additional layers of security to protect the sensitive patient data and medication management programs


  • Cognine was involved in every phase of the product development starting from requirements discovery phase to deployment on cloud as the client did not have any technical team.
  • A cloud agnostic, fully scalable microservices based SAAS approach with containerized deployments was proposed and implemented.
  • UI was developed using single page approach
  • A proprietary state machine was designed to cater to the contextual intelligence required for auto suggesting and completing words as per the usage of doctors.
  • Message queues were used to manage notifications and communication between patients and doctors along with external caching services.
  • Features like Two-factor authentication and validation were implemented to enable additional layers of security.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid prototyping and feedback mechanisms from light house customers helped in incorporating some of the good to have features that were not part of initial planning process
  • Web application developed with features to include offline availability of the state machine and the required data to enable a seamless user experience even during the event of internet unavailability.