In the power solutions industry, efficient administrative tasks are crucial for smooth operations, effective communication, and top-notch customer service. Our client faced challenges with their Admin Portal, which needed to adapt to their diverse products, customer interactions, and dealer relationships. This case study explores the client’s issues and the solutions they used.

Client Overview:

The client has been a leader in power solutions. They expanded into various power products and to manage these offerings, they collaborated with Cognine to develop an adaptable Admin Portal.

Customer Needs:

As the client grew, they required an integrated solution to handle their products, customer interactions, and dealer connections. They aimed for streamlined administrative tasks like user management, feedback handling, contact management, and communication via a Message Centre. They also wanted to improve the Dealer Portal for better role management.

Solutions Implemented: Working with Cognine, the client developed a comprehensive Admin Portal:

  • Global Admin Application: A customized hub managed the company’s operations.
  • Dealer User Management: A module efficiently handled dealer users, from onboarding to access control.
  • Feedback Management: A system managed customer feedback, aiding product improvement.
  • Contact Management: Tools for managing customer contacts ensured effective communication.
  • Message Centre: Integrated messaging facilitated smooth communication with stakeholders.
  • Role Management: Dealers could control user access for personalized experiences.
  • Automated Testing: Key features underwent automated testing, enhancing reliability.

Technology Stack Used:


Benefits and Outcomes: The collaboration yielded several benefits:

  • Improved Efficiency: The Admin Portal streamlined administrative tasks, boosting operational efficiency.
  • Better User Management: The Dealer User Management module enhanced the dealer user experience.
  • Customer Insights: The Feedback Management module collected customer feedback for ongoing improvement.
  • Enhanced Communication: The Message Centre fostered better communication with stakeholders.
  • Personalized Access: Role management empowered dealers to provide tailored user access.
  • Increased Reliability: Automated testing improved the Admin Portal’s dependability.

Conclusion: The collaboration led to an innovative Admin Portal that met diverse needs, streamlined operations, and improved engagement. It showcased the client’s commitment to excellence as they continue leading the power solutions industry.