Client focus

Client wanted to develop a new e-commerce platform to sell agricultural goods to farmers and purchase the farm produce.


  • Help client enable e-commerce with the farming community to sell and maintain an online catalog of products.
  • Enable fulfillment of customer orders and an end to end solution with API enablement to integrate with others partners in the supply chain
  • Build data analytics and visualization for reports on inventory, sales and financial management.


  • Worked with the client to define the functional solution and technical architecture of the e-commerce platform
  • A web front end and native mobile builds were generated for an omni channel experience
  • Developed secure payment gateways and seamless integration with fulfillment partners for hassle free experience

Key Benefits

  • Rapid development and deployment of platform enabled faster time to market with a unified experience
  • A fully scalable micro-services platform that fulfilled over 4 million order in the initial year of operations