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The evolving business models are augmenting the need for digital capabilities of enterprises. From modernizing your core applications to creating the experiences that customer love and the automatic pipelines, we help with bringing in agility, resilience, speed and getting rid of technical debt on legacy.

Architecture and Design
Cognine gets involved with clients at various levels of digital transformation journey and  maturity of the corresponding application architectures. We layout a holistic approach in line with your optimization and transformation initiatives. First thing we will get started with is reviewing your architecture from a neutral perspective. At this stage we will analyze our clients architecture with respect to business objectives and  it involves a comprehensive study involving Architecture Design, Application Layering, Data Access & Integrity, Coding Standards and Metrics. At the end of the study we will share a report covering various gaps identified and a set of recommendations to optimize the performance of the applications. This study also gives a fair understanding of your business, technology objectives and helps us with laying a roadmap in line with your digital transformation objectives. Depending on the current state of your application architectures it may involve refactoring or retooling your application portfolio to achieve those set objectives.

Areas of expertise
Legacy Modernization
Serverless Architectures
Cloud Native

API & System Integration
One of the core aspects of digital transformation is an API driven approach. Our approach focuses on maximizing your investment on SaaS applications. This involves building API using modern SOA, Micro-services and event driven approaches to ensure data between applications & systems. This also involves building integrations to legacy systems (on-premise) so that they can expose the key data to developers. This ensures easy development and deployment of newer applications and improves developer productivity. We generally start with stabilizing your own application/system portfolio and then extend it to building public API’s for extending it to your partners and customers.

Areas of expertise

Development, Deployment & monitoring of API for On-premise & Cloud
Re-usable components that reduce cost and accelerate development
EDI, ESB and Microservices architectures facilitation

Application & Product Development
With years of scaled application development success behind our teams, we have had an opportunity to work on different environments and platforms ranging from legacy, monolithic to more recent cloud native applications. We take full ownership or partner with your teams to help you build the applications you need; whether it is legacy modernization or refactoring your applications or adding new modules to your product. We bring in cutting edge tools combined with best practices from the project management to help you bring in agility, resilience and speed to your applications/systems.

Areas of expertise
Application Development
Product Development & Support
Test Driven Development
Agile, Test Automation and DevOps

UI Design
A customer centric design forms the crux of a digital transformation journey. We use Surveys, Discovery tools & Methodologies to understand the business and end user context. Once we have this information we will crunch the data and create a hypothesis towards achieving these objectives. We will then run iterations of rapid prototyping followed by development to deliver the experiences your customers love.

Areas of expertise
User Research

Cloud & DevOps

Digital transformation and cloud are inseparable and most enterprises are in process of adoption or increasing their cloud component. A part from bringing in scalability, elasticity and making integration with partner ecosystem easier, it accelerates productivity and innovation. The cloud also propels easier adoption of disruptive technologies like IoT, Big Data, AI and Block Chain.

Cloud Advisory
Whether you are looking for multi cloud strategy with a cloud agnostic approach to diversify your cloud environment or a single platform to make the most use of cloud native features, we help devise the right strategy. We organize discovery workshops with your teams to identify the constraints with existing environment, and then come up with roadmaps for migration, assessing the benefits and risks associated. 
Cloud Migration
With our deep technical expertise combined with the knowledge of common obstacles faced with cloud migration, we provide you insights and work with you at each stage of migration journey. Cognine works with clients in each phase of the journey including supporting them in below areas:

Application Refactoring and Retooling
Data Modernization and Migration
Containerizing your application
Streamlining your automatic pipelines

Cloud Native Development
Cloud native application architectures offers high availability, scalability, adaptability and upgradability. Whether it is re-engineering your monolithic applications or building a green filed applications, we bring in that compatibility for hybrid cloud. We combine our years of deep architecture experience with agile infrastructure, microservices and a holistic API approach to bring true agility and elasticity to the clients application environments.

Data Analytics

Data without analytics is not a resource but a cost center. The enterprises are transitioning from a data led business to an analytics led business and further enhancing their competence by applying data science. Cognine works with you to build custom models for ingesting, storing and consuming your data. Whether it is a decade old RDBMS data source or handling large file based storage that requires big data systems or the modern cloud data sources, we combine data from all these sources to build a data lake and perform analytics to give you real time insights and help identify patterns.

Data Strategy

Cognine helps clients with devising enterprise wide strategy for simplifying their information structure and developing advanced visualizations. We work with your teams to understand the information needs, current state of data maturity, pain points and then devise a roadmap to achieve the desired state. This also includes determining the right tools and technologies that fits your needs. independent of the structural differences.

Data Warehouse/Data Lake Implementation
The data needs of enterprises are complex and differ in their needs from each other. The ultimate objective is to get the unified view of the data while simplifying the operations and developing re-usable components. We combine our deep expertise of handling various types of information architectures and build a modern data architecture for you that consists of:

A data lake with combination On-Premise/Cloud systems that can handle variety of structured and unstructured data

Data Ingestion and Transformation – Data arriving from different source systems is integrated, transformed and ingested into the data lake. Cognine helps you with designing the workflows to transfer the data from source to target systems and choosing the appropriate tools and managing the combination of on-premise and cloud data systems.

Big Data Analytics – If your information architecture demands the big data components, we will advise you on what works best for the specific needs ranging from Hadoop to MMP systems or NoSQL systems

Cloud Data Engineering – Whether it is S3 or Snowflake or Azure or BigQuery, we help you build the cloud platform to offer you the scalability, elasticity and cost efficiency

Master Data Management – Robust data indexing and proper governance systems ensures you have an organized and unified view

Data Migration – Moving from on-premise to cloud? Or between different clouds? We will just make things easier as we have done that for numerous clients over the years

Data Visualization
The reporting needs of the enterprise vary and are significantly different from each other. We work with your teams to identify needs, create a roadmap and implement the tools and techniques to get actionable data visualizations. From creating simple reporting structures over traditional RDMS systems to building scalable reporting architectures for enterprises, we have been there and done that before. And, we will do that for you across – Big Data, Cloud, Web, Mobile or embedding into custom applications.
Data Science
Our expertise in the AI modeling and machine learning areas help clients adopt, evolve and refine their predictive analytics models for potential outcomes. Whether it is building supervised models or unsupervised modes or re-reinforced learning we have implemented it to drive outcomes across healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and retail industries.

Natural Language Processing – NLP models has definitely made things simpler in analyzing huge volumes of text, images and video. Depending on your needs we help you identify the right platforms that can analyze the data in your files, catalogs, social media feeds, videos and much more.

If you are looking apply some of these machine learning tools and techniques to generate insights for decision making or just need an independent advisory view of the your data science models, we would like to partner and help you realize the results our clients have experienced. We’re certainly not the first people to have these realizations, but we think our approach sets us apart.


Automation is unavoidable for the enterprises that are adopting optimization and transformation roadmaps. The adoption of a particular type of automation is dependent on the existing technology architectures, business processes and operations. Cognine works with enterprise to help them with below forms of Automation:

Intelligent/Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is all about bringing operational excellence into the enterprise that focuses on automating their business and operational requirements. Our comprehensive knowledge of RPA along with experience of handling some of the leading tools helps us in bringing the best that works for you.

Our Approach:

Process Validation – We help our clients to discover automation opportunities, create and review process flow, and feasibility assessment. The key criteria for identifying process automation candidates are:

Rule based & algorithms
Standard Inputs
High volume for scalability
Electronic inputs over free text

Process Optimization – We work with your teams to define the processes, identify the opportunity, optimize the flow and implementation mechanisms.

Process Automation – Once the processes are identified and workflows are optimized, the actual end-end automation starts with selecting the appropriate tools. We will then build a proof of concept, collect the feedback and assess its long term efficiency. The last stage is where we develop, deploy and scale it for your enterprise needs and continue to monitor and re-assess to meet the evolving business needs.

Chatbots are part of the first wave of Machine Learning and AI, delivering commercially viable functionality for enterprises. Whether you are trying to ease the operations or increase the productivity of customer support teams or accelerate sales cycle, we equip businesses with the tools that sets them apart from their competition. We work with you build and implement custom bots, ones that are tailored to fit your needs.

Our Approach

Ideation & Strategy
Bot Design
Bot Development
Quality Assurance & User Testing
Bot Optimization

DevOps and CloudOps helps setup automatic pipelines, improves developer productivity, virtualization, containerization and offers scalability, elasticity whenever needed. We help you with simplifying CI/CD workflows and setting up that seamless collaboration between teams and experience across variety of on-premise and cloud environments. We work with you on:

DevOps Advisory

Assessment of DevOps Maturity
Roadmap for achieving the desired state
Tools and Techniques
Best practices

Environment Configuration
Production ready environments
Automate the life cycle management
Deployment management
Automated backup & recovery

Containerized Build & Test
Pipelines Modelling
DevOps Integrations
Pipeline Execution
Pipeline Management

Infrastructure management
Auto provisioning
Auto scaling
Serverless Architecture

Application performance monitoring
Build & Pipeline Monitoring
Network monitoring
Infrastructure monitoring
Database monitoring

Machine Learning & AI

Let us help you in understanding vast amounts of data, both internal and external to your organization, to provide actionable insights and enable decision making. We provide services in several aspects of data processing.

Modelling & Training
Intelligent Predictions & Reporting

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